std.regex Implementation of the Group type
std.reference A mutable reference type
std.path Functions operating on paths
std.function Conveniences for working with functions.
std.parser A simple parser combinator library. An ordered map list type
std.unit The unit type.
std.applicative Implementation of the Applicative type The signed 64-bit integer type.
std.semigroup Implementation of the Applicative type
std.regex Bindings for rust-lang/regex
std.fs Functions for working with the file system
std.category Implementation of the Category type
std.state The state monad.
std.list A linked list type.
std.prelude Definitions which gets implicit re-export in every file. Lazy stream type.
std.num Operations on numbers.
std.monad Implementation of the Monad type
std.char A character type.
std.foldable Implementation of the Foldable type
std.debug Debug library.
std.float The 64-bit floating point type.
std.string A UTF-8 encoded string
std.writer Implementation of the Writer type Functions for working with I/O
std.random Basic random number generation
std.byte An 8-bit unsigned integer.
std.bool The boolean type.
std.traversable Implementation of the Traversable type
std.lazy Lazy values.
std.types Definition of standard types separate from the prelude to allow primitives to use them
std.functor Implementation of the Functor type Mpmc channels. Value to string conversion.
std.thread Green threading library.
std.monoid Implementation of the Monoid type
std.cmp Functionality for ordering and comparison.
std.test A simple test library.
std.option A type that can represent the abscence of a value
std.result Error handling type.
std.process Functions for working with external processes
std.array A dynamically sized contigous sequence.